We have designed and developed Kuando products in Denmark since 2003 and strive every day to make your experience with them even better. We deliver only first class hardware products & premium software developed by our team of engineers that proudly ensure their quality. Through selected and trusted distributors, System Integrators and resellers - our channel partners cover more than 30 countries. In combination with our partners and internal consultants, we are creating designs/solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of different companies & office spaces around the globe. Office intelligence

Our passion is making the REAL-TIME STATUS concept a reality as we recognize that activity-based, collaborative workspaces are the new way of working. Communication between people is the traffic flow of information. We all know that Traffic-Jams are frustrating and non-productive which is why a Traffic light is needed to regulate the flow. So is Real-time Presence Status/ Kuando Busylights – A solution to keep the workflow high and avoid unproductive ‘Office-Jams’ and allowing people to interact with people in the open office - between locations, floors and countries.

  • Kuando means “when (are you available)?”       
  • Kuando is our mantra. For us it’s about smarter working. We develop our products with passion, intelligence and a smart touch – enabling people to work smarter together.    
  • High quality and high expectations defines our team.      
  • Kuando - Work better

Plenom – a trusted partner

When we cooperate with others: Time is of essence and high quality is a requirement. We are a trusted partner producing hardware and software for other companies. Amongst others, we OEM solutions with JABRA and FUJITSU.

So, you can confidently trust us and our products to deliver.