Busylight in global roll-out to 2,400 government emp…

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark needed a ringer and a presence indicator for Lync.

How Cancer Council QLD improved the Lync user experi…

Cancer Council Queensland realised they needed call alert for Microsoft Lync.

Busylight increases productivity at J. Lauritzen

J. Lauritzen, an international shipping company, installed 200 units of Busylight Lync in 2012.

Ramboll employee: The best I’ve tried!

Ramboll, the international engineering, design and consultancy company, implemented busylights in the IT department in 2010. The immediate effect was fewer interruptions and less noise.

Busylight brings peace to employees at municipality

In Public Services at Esbjerg Municipality in Denmark they use Busylight to reduce the daily interruptions in the open-plan office. Prior to implementing Busylight they were often disturbed during a phone conversation or interrupted by background noise.

Kuando Busylight helps our employees control their t…

The employees have adapted to the solution in a very positive way because it has given them an opportunity to control their own time and control the way they work.

Microsoft Lync Team

"15 per cent of employees cite distraction by colleagues as a drain on productivity. Busylight is a solution for that". Microsoft Lync Team on Twitter


"Good for open plan offices, or the kind of office where you’re always being interrupted. You can set your status to Busy, and get everybody to leave you uninterrupted." Ray Fleming Industry Market Development Manager, Microsoft

BP - Call Alert

“Like the McDonald’s jingle, “I’m lovin’ it!”  I haven’t missed one call or IM yet since I’ve had Busylight”

Jeff McCormick


Modality systems

Review: "A great device for someone who misses Lync calls and doesn’t like being interrupted when in a call." Tom Arbuthnot (Microsoft MVP) Modality Systems Link: Click here


"It was easy to get started with Busylight, and we saw an effect immediately." Hans Gaarn Svendsen Work Environment Director, Nykredit

Landis Computer

Review: "The first commercially packaged product to provide physical presence light and ringer." Matt Landis (Microsoft MVP) Landis Computer Read review: Click here

PEP Worldwide

”Efficiency is not about working harder - it is about working smarter. That is why I see Busylight as a powerful tool to getting more work done at the office." Michael Kongsted CEO Scandinavia, PEP Worldwide


"Interruptions are a major issue in many open plan offices. Coworkers need to agree on guidelines that clarify when it is okay to interrupt each other. Busylight can support this process." Gitte Arnbjerg Head of Section, COWI

Esbjerg kommune

"We have created a better work environment with Busylight. And we save valuable minutes every day." Jørgen Bruun Head of Public Services, Esbjerg Municipality

Insurance Corporation

"The Busylight has been going great! I've placed it prominently at the top of my 4' cubicle wall. Everyone in my cube-corral can see it from wherever they are as well as others walking in. For the most part, everyone has made correct assumptions as to what it is because I'm never bothered when the light is red. I also had a chance to test out the call-incoming function and never even realized how many calls and messages I'd been missing this whole time!" Alex Khan, (Major Insurance Corporation in Connecticut)

Peace of Mind Technology

At first our lights were met with skepticism. People didn’t like the idea of a traffic light approach to communication in the office. However, we persevered. Once the working environment adapted to this tool and they understood that it can actually allow them to get time back in the day and minimize interruptions when working on focused matters or perhaps on the phone they loved them. People now tend to take conversations to other areas away from the open office so as to not interrupt those that they can see are ‘busy’. Today we have a broad deployment and widely accepted busy light via skype environment.

Kirklees Council

We have around 1,000 Busylights installed and expect the overall deployment to be 3,000. Our users really like the Busylight. The sound and visual indicator compliments the headset and it has helped secure headset usage at over 95%. We have the following criteria applied to whether we deploy a Busylight: Users who need a loud indication of an incoming call, so it isn’t missed. Users who have no sound device on their PC. An office where a large number of users work in close proximity, but are not always at their desks. Staff who take calls for specific customer facing numbers. The visual availability indicator is important in this scenario, as only staff showing as available can take calls. Hard of hearing users for whom the visual indication of an incoming call is required. John Clayton Principal Officer (IT), Kirklees Council

MHI Vestas

A question of concentration

Mads Sommer, Head of IT Field Support at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind – a rapidly expanding joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Vestas Wind Systems A/S, was annoyed last year when he was interrupted while talking on the phone.

“People are not very good at respecting when you were on the phone making it difficult to concentrate”, he says. Busylight turned out to be the solution. Mads Sommer bought one for himself so that his colleagues would be able to see when he was talking on the phone, was otherwise busy or was green – and available.

At that time, the concern was with the plan to consolidate employees in several locations throughout Denmark and Great Britain –and furthermore, they were going to work in open-plan offices.

The employees from the Health Safety Environment department, who showed concern about the noise level in the new office, discovered Mads Sommer’s ‘shining finger’, as he calls the Busylight.

As such, all of the 400 employees at the headquarter in Denmark was offered and accepted this tool. It works really well, is the feedback from the users

“An open-plan office will naturally be marked by some noise, but it is nice that you can signal if you are busy, especially when in deep concentration when working on a project. The employees embraced the concept and have learned to understand and respect it. It can be difficult to determine if people are on the phone when they are using headsets like we do. I think Busylight is an excellent tool in an office environment such as ours where we use Skype for Business as UC solution”, he explains.

Vestas Offshore Wind has in total 1200 office employees. The concern is one of the world’s largest producers of offshore wind turbines.

Blue Skies Technology Group

Anyone who works from home or has a home office should seriously consider an Omega Busylight from Plenom. I have used the original Alpha Busylight in the past in an office setting, but the Omega is hands down far superior to the original. The bright colors of your status and superior speaker allows for you to see it clearly from across the room and in loud environments. Personally I have mounted my Busylight Omega outside my office door from the ceiling so anyone approaching my home office can see if I’m busy or not. The bright colors make it easy so that even my 3 year old knows what I’m doing. Here at Blue Skies Technology Group, the Omega BusyLight is going to be standard issue for all our employees going forward.

James Sommers, Senior Cloud Consultant