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Inspiration for Busyligt use

kuando Busylight is not only successful when integrating with different Unified Communication platforms. Our customers have found many ways to use them for various alternative purposes. Check out the case stories and be inspired!

Innovative overview at the University of Copenhagen

Busylights as visual indicators at exams

The University of Copenhagen had challenges when scheduling exams in their exam-facilities. 10 rooms, over 500 students at a time and a long series of exams to conduct. To be able to stick to the different rules and criteria for each exam, it was only possible to hold one exam per room. But a higher volume, especially in busy seasons, had to be possible. Here they thought of kuando Busylight. An innovative way of creating overview of students.

Copenhagen University Busylights

Step 1: Testing the setup

They started off with 100 kuando Busylights in 2 exam rooms. They used the .Net SDK and made a push and pull from their own client to the platform for them to sync real-time. Students already checked into the client, so they knew the system. New to them was only the colored lamps on the tables. The kuando Busylights were setup to show for example:

  • if students were logged in
  • if their exam was a closed book or open book
  • if they had computer problems
  • if they had called IT support