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Lower IT support and NO more missed calls. 

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Optimize Office Communication

Missing calls or notifications due to PC speaker settings, lack of speakers, or muted speakers can cause unnecessary frustration and reduce the quality of work produced.

Additionally, customers calling in would like to speak with someone immediately. If the calls are missed or not returned timely, it can cause tension between existing and future customers, negatively impacting your business.

Reduce Support Tickets and Increase UC User Adaption

Close the gap on basic telephone functions by incorporating kuando Busylight's presence and call alert system.

Users will be equipped with:

  • A built-in RINGER for audio notifications on incoming or missed calls/IMs*
  • Visual reminder notification for missed calls/IMs*
  • Simple incoming/outgoing call functions*

Optimizing your business's internal and external functionality starts with communication. Having reoccurring issues with communication can cause a standstill on internal projects and reduce customer retention. By incorporating the kuando Busylight system into your deployment, you ensure consistent and reliable team communication and timely responses to incoming or missed calls.

The Busylight is easy for you to manage and support:

  • It has mass configuration capability with Group Policy and SCCM
  • Built-in speakers for Busylight events only - meaning no disruptive PC sounds
  • No need for any user configurations on the PC

kuando Busylight is a highly favored tool for IT departments, HR, management teams, CFO's, and workplace experts across the globe!

Create the ideal office workflow and optimize office communication with kuando Busylight!

*Functions may vary according to the UC Platform.


Customer reviews

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“Ever since getting the kuando Busylight, it has helped with my team’s productivity in the office. It is very evident when someone is busy or available at any given time. I would recommend this product to anyone that works in an open office and actively uses their calendar to adjust when they are free or need a little bit of heads down time without interruptions!”

Butler University, Justin Bauerle | Desktop Support Specialist/Team Lead

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“Since some court appearances now happen by phone, we had a significant problem with attorney calls being disturbed or interrupted by people knocking on attorney office doors. It’s just not possible to ask a judge to wait while a door is answered. BusyLights with Skype for Business have allowed me to completely eliminate this problem.”

Lang & Klain, PC, Daniel T. Drake | Firm Administrator

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“15 percent of employees cite distraction by colleagues as a drain on productivity. Busylight is a solution for that”.

Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Lync Team on Twitter

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“Like the McDonald’s jingle, “I’m lovin’ it!” I haven’t missed one call or IM yet since I’ve had Busylight.”

BP, Jeff McCormick, BP