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Today’s workers want to be in a modern, open environment where they can collaborate but also focus to complete work timely - without prolonging their work day. The issue in these environments are unnecessary interruptions which frustrates employees and makes their work life more challenging. This can have an impact on the company’s overall productivity and is creating a huge challenge for Facility and HR/Workplace departments.

Here’s how to just make office life easier and establish a successful workplace

Deploying the kuando Busylight, a real-time status indicator will help to regulate the communication flow between people and avoid interruptions. This creates an office environment where staff don’t get disrupted and are ultimately able to work more efficiently. The Busylight is a proven solution in the open office or any workplace that gives employees the ability to Visually know When the time is right to approach others. The Busylight is a brilliant & simple concept that sets new standards for working better.

Facilitate an environment that attracts people and empowers them to make their office life easier

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