Modern Office


What is kuandoHUB?

The solution to office interruptions and distractions

In today’s modern office, there can be several UC platforms running at once. With notifications coming from one place and messages popping up in another, you can lose track of events and reminders, causing work to pile up or be missed completely.

With kuandoHUB, the newest multi-platform control center for kuando Busylight, you are in complete control of how or what your Busylight reacts to as well as control color presence and sound alerts.

green Kuando busylight alpha in office

kuandoHUB features a variety of functions to customize to your needs and adds value to your Busylight. 

Manual Color and Sounds mechanics allow you to instantly display your status or signal for assistance from a supervisor. kuandoHUB also features a full range of presence colors and sounds to choose from, giving you and your office more ways to communicate status without distracting others from their work.

New features like the kuandoTIMER support your personal time management. The concept is to effectively proportion your time working with time for breaks, so you never feel fatigued from assignments and keep your mind fresh. This is a great function for those who want to incorporate more exercise into their daily work routines. Set the timer for focused work, then set a break time for a walk outside or to do some stretches. According to, “Participating in regular stretching program not only helps increase your flexibility, but it can also calm your mind.” (Sara Lindberg/Daniel Budnis). Having a reminder to take a break can help you focus on your work while also keeping your mind and body healthy.