Attorney Office Eliminates Interruptions for Good!

How the Busylight helps today’s law professionals

Technology and virtual communication are advancing beyond our wildest expectations. At the click of a button, you can have a conversation with anyone around the world at any time. But, as this technology has advanced, so have the problems of interruptions and distractions in the workplace. Because offices are moving toward open and collaborative layouts, being interrupted on a call or being disturbed during a meeting is more common than not.

Modern office problems need a modern solution, like the kuando Busylight. An office presence light developed by Plenom, kuando Busylight accurately displays your status without disturbing others and prevents others from disturbing you. 

Incorporating the kuando Busylight into your work environment is easy to do. And because of the varying model sizes, designs, adhesive and/or magnetic mounting options, you can completely customize how you present your status to the office.

Lang & Klain, P.C. integrated the kuando Busylight Omega into their office by installing it into the ceiling above their office doors.

“Since some court appearances now happen by phone, we had a significant problem with attorney calls being disturbed or interrupted by people knocking on attorney office doors. It’s just not possible to ask a judge to wait while a door is answered. Busylights with Skype for Business have allowed me to completely eliminate this problem.” – Lang & Klain, P.C. Attorney.

As law offices and practices move toward online/over the phone conferences and hearings, closed offices are the ideal workplace layout. But, because their offices are closed off, it can be near impossible for someone to know whether the owner of the office is in a call or available to speak. By installing the Omega model Busylight into the ceiling, distractions and interruptions are no more! They can conduct meetings both over the phone and in-person without being interrupted. 

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