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Story - Superhero - Busylights

The employees suffered under inappropriate interruptions, increased noise and missed calls, leaving IT-MAN with massive IT support. Read on to see, how their everyday hero IT-MAN took action and restored a good working and communication environment.

Let the story begin -Button - Superhero - Busylights

Let the testing begin!

Titel - Superhero - Busylights

Users will be....

  • aware when a colleague is not available

  • able to save time by not walking over to colleagues who are busy

  • able to keep their concentration while working on difficult tasks when not being interrupted

  • able to reach their deadlines in time when not being disrupted

Titel - Superhero - Busylights

Reduce IT support cost

  • Mass deployment

  • No requirement for IT to manage and support different audio configurations when using a kuando Busylight’s non-audio-registred ringer function for receiving alert on incoming calls

Increase Softphone usage

  • By bringing presence physically into the office you create awareness of the Softphone concept and increase your chances of high user adoption
  • By using the Busylights ringer function, users will always be notified when receiving incoming Calls or IMs. By making the softphone solution reliable both users, colleagues and customers will rely on using it as a communication tool

Facts about the Busylight Ringer

  • Software can be mass deployed and with Group policy settings can be customized to suit the need

  • 8 different ringtones so users can choose their own and then hear from a distance if their phone is ringing

  • Only makes sounds on incoming calls or IMs (not detected as an audio device)

  • Flashes on incoming calls – making it possible to mute the Busylight if required without missing calls. The flash also makes it possible to see a call from a distance

  • Missed call/pending IM notification – a blue flash every 5 seconds tells the user that someone has tried to reach him/her

  • With a reliable call alert, you will close the gap from desk phones to Softphones