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Story - Superhero - Busylights

Employees at the open office were puzzled and stressed by their new open office environment. They suffered under inappropriate interruptions and increased noise. Read on to see how their everyday hero TEAM-woman took action and restored a good working environment.

Story - Superhero - Busylights

Download the Availability Guidelines for your UC platform, choose here

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Software for kuando products Compatible with Skype4B blue logo

If you don't have any of the UC platforms above, download this simple guideline instead 

And experience the benefits

For companies with 100+ employees.

Test Sample is a risk-free way to test a unit. Just inform us about your project and which model you would like to test. One Busylight per company with 100 employees or more.

Step 1

Fill out the form by clicking on the "Test Sample" button to the right.

Step 2

We will reply to you with a confirmation on the delivery address and let you know if we have further questions for the validation.

Facts about Busylight Presence

  • Multi color LED light

  • Busylight gives a quick visual overview of your colleagues current availability
  • Show your availability to your colleagues and take control of your own time
  • Creates awareness and acceptance of the ‘presence’ concept
  • Work focused on tasks and be more effective – a benefit both for the company (in terms of higher productivity)And for you (finishing work quickly so you can leave the office on time and improve the work-life balance while removing frustrations)
  • Reduce the number of interruptions significantly – this requires a mutual agreement between management and the workforce so everyone respects the Busylight Availability guidelines e.g. do not put yourselves in “do not disturb” mode all day long. The Busylight should improve the work flow and the collaboration – not the opposite. Therefore, this bullet is very important in order to gain success with the roll-out
  • Your workplace transforms into an ideal work environment

Did you know?

Researchers found that it takes up to 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to a task after being interrupted.

The cost of interruptions - read it now
now the uc user adoption has increased
Let the story begin -Button - Superhero - Busylights