Work Smarter

10 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

#1: Combine to-do-list and schedule

Always so much to do and so little time. It seems impossible to get everything on your To-Do list done within a five-day workweek. Elevate that stress by scheduling out your To-Do list. Schedule a realistic time for each assignment and include breaks to keep your mind fresh. It will give you a sense of progress with no time wasted on trying to multi-task or worrying about the next assignment.

#2: Plan tomorrow and your next step

“Where was I?” Getting lost in an assignment makes it seem like there is no end to the task.

To save time, try planning your next step before it happens; every time you pause an assignment, make a note to yourself for what to do next. Do this at the end of every day and you will see a difference in the amount of time you’ll save, and more assignments will be completed.

#3: Track bad habits and make them difficult

We all have our bad habits at work, and we all know that we need to stop them. Getting sidetracked by checking social media is the easiest way to lose time. The solution: turn the notification off or put your phone away completely. Once you eliminate preventable distractions, you’ll complete more tasks and save more time. Then, when you can, take a break and catch up on what you missed.

#4: Communicate clearly

You missed one piece of information in the meeting, and now you must chase your co-worker down to get clarification. Or, maybe you did the assignment, but it was incorrect. Listening ca