Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions by Showing Room Availability  

Get the 10-Room Loyalty Pack Today*

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The 10-Room Value Pack Includes:

  • 10 x Busylight IoT Omega
  • 1 x LoRaWan Gateway
  • 2 x Motion Sensors
  • Support & 1 Year Service Fee

The Loyalty Pack consist of 8 - 10 bookable rooms and 0 - 2 flex rooms (if you plan on using the motion sensors or not). It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365.

Normal Price: €1530.00 - Order Now for €895.00!

*Offer runs until November 8, 2023

kuando busyligt green omega
10-Room Loyalty Pack - €895.00

Not convinced yet? Scroll down to read more about the Room Occupancy Solution or Download the Data Sheet here.

Why Choose kuando Room Occupancy Solution?

Streamline room bookings

With our solution, you can manage and book meeting rooms directly through Microsoft 365, effortlessly coordinating with your team's schedules.

Optimize room utilization

Gain real-time insights into room occupancy and availability.