Test Sample Request

For companies with 100+ employees.

Test Sample is a risk-free way to test a unit. Just inform us about your project and which model you would like to test. One Busylight per company with 100 employees or more. View Qualifications below.

Step 1
Fill out the form

Step 2
We will reply to you with a confirmation on the delivery address and let you know if we have further questions for the validation.


This Test sample offer allows you to experience how kuando Busylight works before ordering for your team/organization. The promotional offer is designed for managers that plan to implement Busylight within their team or organization after successfully testing the sample. This promotion is limited to first-time users of Busylight and restricted to one Test Sample per company having 100 employees or more.

Plenom reserves all rights to approve or disapprove requests. This promotional offer expires on June 30th, 2021.

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