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We have designed and developed Kuando products in Denmark since 2003 and strive every day to make your experience with them even better. We deliver only first class hardware products & premium software developed by our team of engineers that proudly ensure their quality. Through selected and trusted distributors, System Integrators and resellers - our channel partners cover more than 50 countries. In combination with our partners and internal consultants, we are creating designs/solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of different companies & office spaces around the globe.

Our passion is making the REAL-TIME STATUS concept a reality as we recognize that activity-based, collaborative workspaces are the new way of working. Communication between people is the traffic flow of information. We all know that Traffic-Jams are frustrating and non-productive which is why a Traffic light is needed to regulate the flow. Likewise the office needs Real-time Presence Status light. A kuando Busylights is a solution to keep the workflow high and avoid unproductive ‘Office-Jams’ while allowing people to intelligently interact with people in the open office - between locations, floors and countries.

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  • kuando means “when (are you available)?”
  • kuando is our mantra. For us it’s about smarter working. We develop our products with passion, intelligence and a smart touch – enabling people to work smarter together.
  • High quality and high expectations defines our team.

  • kuando - Work better

Plenom – a trusted partner

When we cooperate with others: Time is of essence and high quality is a requirement. We are a trusted partner producing hardware and software for other companies. Amongst others, we OEM solutions with JABRA and FUJITSU.

So, you can confidently trust us and our products to deliver.


When Call alert is missing then employee and customer satisfaction will suffer.
The problem is that employees don’t hear incoming calls on Skype4B.


Because some PCs have no speakers or they are muted and the headset is on the desk - unable to be heard.
This causes a large numbers calls to be missed every day which results in bad performance and frustrations with the new Skype4B telephony system and as such it impacts user adoption. This can have an impact on management decision – causing project delays.

When companies are moving away from desk phones to a softphone environment, some basic functions are lost – in particular, a reliable ringer. This is one reason a huge number of companies still struggle to get the needed user satisfaction when shifting to softphones.
Therefore you need to plan for a successful Skype4B roll out and close the gap on the basic missing telephone functions in Skype4B by including a solution delivers the