Walk the walk
towards a stress-free work environment

Test – Proof – Implement – Harvest.
Start your kuando journey where it best fits your needs.

The walk towards reducing interruptions and strengthening focus does not have to be a long process. You only need a few steps before you are ready to harvest the benefits of a better office environment. We will go through them with you.


(for 100+ employees)


(for All)

Start-up pack

(for 500+ employees)


(for 250+ employees)

Step 1: Single unit testing

Start with a single unit – a risk-free way to evaluate the kuando Busylight. Experience the easy installation and integration with your UC Platform, its functionality and robust design. Consider and establish company guidelines for optimal use in your environment. Then, monitor how your team and coworkers react to it for a set period. Make sure to read our Tips & Tricks on how to test a Busylight successfully.

Step 2: Proof of Concept

This option allows you to experience the full potential of the Busylight and more accurately measure the value before a full deployment. The POC will ensure that participants in an entire department will build mutual respect and adherence to the Busylight logic, helping users to achieve more focus and have less interruptions. The amount of test samples for your POC, depends on your team size. You can easily arrange and order a specially priced POC team-pack through our sales team.

Step 3: Implementation

When evaluated, it is time to optimize your ROI with a company-wide rollout. Give every worker the opportunity to experience a stress-free work environment and make the most of their work day. Whether you go for a phased roll out or a big bang implementation, we strongly recommend you to follow the five steps on how to implement Busylights successfully.

Step 4: Harvest all the benefits!

No matter where you start your journey, kuando Busylight will light the way to a stress-free office space.

Test sample

For companies with 100+ employees.

A test sample is a risk-free way to test and evaluate a unit in your company.

Just inform us about your project and which Busylight model you would like to test. One Busylight per company with 100 employees or more. View Qualifications below.


Try & Buy

For all companies.

Try & Buy is a convenient way to test a unit. Just inform us about your project and which model you would like to test. We recommend this promotion, if you just need to be comfortable with the Busylight and see how it works before ordering in quantity. One Busylight per company. Regardless of the size of the company, view conditions below.


Cheap start-up pack

For companies with 500+ employees.

A simple way to get started.
Buy a pack with 10 or 20 units and test in your own pace.

The ideal way to get the Busylight concept introduced in your company.

Contact us to hear how you can get a start-up pack.


Proof of Concept

For companies with 250+ employees.

Are you rolling out a new UC platform, or is it already implemented?

The full potential of a Busylight presence-aware environment will be clearly apparent with a larger roll-out when more users are involved and engaged in the solution.

Therefore, we offer you a specially-priced Proof of Concept package so you can test the impact and implement the solution on a smaller team before an organizational roll-out. The number of test samples depends on your team size. Contact our sales team to get started or to learn more.



No matter the size of your organization, kuando Busylights can be installed and used to benefit all your employees. Building a presence-aware office is how everyone will enjoy a stress-free work environment.

Order your Busylights from your preferred distributor or reseller or directly on

Customer reviews

ministryforeign dk logo

“Since some court appearances now happen by phone, we had a significant problem with attorney calls being disturbed or interrupted by people knocking on attorney office doors. It’s just not possible to ask a judge to wait while a door is answered. BusyLights with Skype for Business have allowed me to completely eliminate this problem.”

Lang & Klain, PC, Daniel T. Drake | Firm Administrator

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"15 percent of employees cite distraction by colleagues as a drain on productivity. Busylight is a solution for that".

Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Lync Team on Twitter

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“Like the McDonald’s jingle, “I’m lovin’ it!” I haven’t missed one call or IM yet since I’ve had Busylight.”

BP, Jeff McCormick, BP

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"A great device for someone who misses Lync calls and doesn’t like being interrupted when in a call."

Modality Systems Link

Modality Systems, Tom Arbuthnot

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"It was easy to get started with Busylight, and we saw an effect immediately."

Nykredit, Hans Gaarn Svendsen, Work Environment Director

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"The first commercially packaged product to provide physical presence light and ringer."

Read review here

Landis Computer, Matt Landis, (Microsoft MVP)

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”Efficiency is not about working harder - it is about working smarter. That is why I see Busylight as a powerful tool to getting more work done at the office."

PEP Worldwide, Michael Kongsted, CEO Scandinavia

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"Interruptions are a major issue in many open plan offices. Coworkers need to agree on guidelines that clarify when it is okay to interrupt each other. Busylight can support this process."

COWI, Gitte Arnbjerg, Head of Section

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“We have created a better work environment with Busylight. And we save valuable minutes every day.”

Esbjerg Kommune, Jørgen Bruun, Head of Public Services, Esbjerg Municipality

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“The way we have transitioned to Skype for Business would not have been possible without the Busylights – and we have saved money and space.”

Extrinsica Global Limited, Sam Smith | Cloud Solutions Engineer
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Kuando busylight Hexagon logo

Plenom is a danish design and engineering company manufacturing kuando solutions to help employees working in open plan offices. We have invented the Busylight in 2003, sold globally since 2006, and we are manufacturing acoustic sound panels for noise reduction.
Our sister-company, Globe Systems A/S, is an award winning headset specialist and reseller in Northern Europe, established in 1999.