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Information on this page is for customers running kuando Busylight with New Teams on Windows

Still running Classic Teams, please make sure to be updated on the latest Busylight software release.


1 - Check that your MS Teams client is version 24032122300 or later.

If the version is lower than 24032122300 you need to wait for the update via your IT admin

If you have Early access - Public preview available, you can choose this for newest preview version. Restart of MS Teams required to update.

2 - Check that your kuando Busylight MS Teams software is version 2.4.5 or newer.

Find and click on the Busylight App in the lower right corner of the screen.

Click on "About" and the Busylight version will be shown in the pop-up window

If the Busylight software version is lower than 2.4.5 please update. Software can be downloaded here: If you are not allowed to install software, please contact your IT Admin.

3 - Check that OperationMode is set to Client-Side in the Busylight Software.

Client-Side is the “light” and easy integration approach to getting presence status from the Teams Client.

Make sure that Teams is registred as the chat app for Microsoft 365.

OperationMode Server-Side is still available for getting presence status from the Teams server. Requires login and presence response time is depending on number of Teams users..

4 - For Window Admins wanting centrally to switch OperationMode from Server-Side to Client-Side.

    • The switch for using the MS Graph API or the local UCOfficeIntegration API is located in the Windows Registry.
    • The Key is HKCUSoftwareBusylight.
    • The DWORD-Value named “UseMSGraph” controls the usage of the APIs.
    • A value of 1 switches to the Server- Side (MSGraph API)
    • A value of 0 or a missing value switches to Client.-Side (local UCOfficeIntegration API).
    • After changing the value, a restart of the Busylight app is required.

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