Good News to all users of Cattura and Miralix

We are happy to present another two integrations with kuando Buyslight:

  • Cattura Video has made software available for their CaptureCast
  • Miralix now have integration with their ContactCenter software

More offices therefore have the chance to balance collaboration and concentration for their employees.

The Busylight is an efficiency tool, a timesaver, a quality-heightener and much more. Therefore, both Cattura's CaptureCast and Miralix' ContactCenter software will be improved and office life be easier, if combined with the software and Busylights.

Read more about the compatibilities here:


Many compatibilities, many users
With this new compatibility, kuando Busylight is at the moment compatible with 44 different platforms! The Busylight is already used in 1000’s of companies in more than 50 countries, and Plenom will continually work to make office life better with kuando.