High-quality software to heighten work quality

Plenom’s team of engineers has once more produced high-quality Premium Software, now for UC-One Communicator.
UC-One is a cloud innovator and market leader, who innovates cloud PBX, unified communications, team collaboration and contact center solutions. UC-One Communicator has been very helpful in providing information and putting their wishes at our disposal, so our engineers could do their job to the best. It is Plenom, who gives technical support, if needed.

With kuando Busylight, UC-One Communicator users can now improve their UC solution to get a better work environment and higher efficiency. The Busylight connects to UC-One and automatically gives teams a clear visible cue of their availability.

Functionality of Busylight for UC-One Communicator

•    Presence Indicator
•    Call alert on incoming call
•    Overall brightness can be modified in 3 settings
•    Colors and Sound settings can be modified in Registry or through Windows Group policies

See all functions here.

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A better UC-One Communicator with Busylight

The Busylight is an efficiency tool, a timesaver, a quality-heightener and much more.
UC-One Communicator will be improved and office life be easier, if combined with this software and Busylights.