Microsoft Teams:
Call Alert is now awailable!

Premium Software update for Windows - Release v. 2.0.12

We have released our newest integration with Microsoft Teams with includes:

  • New Alerts: Call Alert and Meeting Starting Alert
  • New Notifications: New Chat notification, Missed Call/Chat notification
  • New Feature: Do not alert on Call Queue Calls

The new Alert and Notification functionality has been long awaited by you Teams users, and the integration now provides feature parity with what was available with Skype for Business. Call Alert allows you to hear incoming calls which is especially important when headsets are sitting on the desk or someone stepped away to a nearby colleague or room.  Chats have also become crucial communications, so it is important to respond promptly. The Chat Alert provides a pleasant tone to gently nudge you about a pending communication. There is also a new Meeting Starting Alert so everyone may join on time. When the first person joins others receive an Alert to let them know things are kicking off.

The Notification feature adds another level of business value and functionality so when a Call or Chat is missed the Busylight provides a blue flash to signal a communication is waiting. Then, when a user returns, it is quickly apparent that something is pending so it may be handled timely.

Microsoft Teams users will be able to show presence colors for Available, Busy, In a Call, Incoming Call or Messages, Do Not Disturb, and Away. This non-verbal communication prevents passersby or approaching colleagues from interrupting calls while also minimizing office noise and foot traffic.

For Teams Call queue users we have additionally introduced a feature to suppress alerts when being a part of a call group.

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