Kuando Busylight is now compatible with Genesys Cloud with BlinkyDings integration from Deliberate!

The German contact center expert Deliberate collaborated with Plenom, the Danish top manufacturer of intelligent office products and kuando Busylight, to create an integration with Genesys Cloud called BlinkyDings.

Integrated by Deliberate, BlinkyDings* is a client application that extends notifications from Genesys Cloud and sends visual signals to kuando Busylight to display the current status of an agent. With on screen notifications and an external USD LED light, agents can respond faster to incoming events while lowering the number of missed calls or interactions. This also provides team leaders and supervisors with a complete overview of agents’ current status and productivity while informing both the agent and surrounding customer service team of incoming interactions.

BlinkyDings can be styled and configured with kuando Busylight’s simple color-code system to have individual color meanings and blink behaviors. Because the kuando Busylight color code is simple to understand, deployment of BlinkyDings into a small or large call center using Genesys is effortless with little to no training needed.

Create an efficient call center environment with BlinkyDings and kuando Busylight for Genesys Cloud!

*BlinkyDings’s license fee can vary – please contact us at [email protected] for questions on specifications for application licensing.