kuandoHUB – Premium Multi-Software

Plenom’s engineers have developed an innovative, Multi-Platform software that will help eliminate interruptions and distractions. kuandoHUB gives complete control over how or what Busylight reacts to as well as control color presence and sound alerts.

Premium Software for Busylight Users

  • Manual Color and Sounds mechanics allow you to instantly display your status or signal for assistance from a supervisor.
  • Featuring the new kuandoTIMER, which supports personal time management and helps incorporate exercise/movement into your daily routine.
  • New Outlook notification customization to reinforce reminders and calendar events.
  • Platform Priorities allow you to control and customize how each software notifies you of or displays your status
  • Hotkey options enable quick and easy presence change to accurately display your status.
  • Advanced Options authorize HTTP and API interface implementation and HTTP commands.

See all functions here.

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As modern-day offices continue to move toward open and collaborative environments, using multiple different UC platforms simultaneously is crucial. Employees can have a difficult time navigating numerous incoming notifications and accurately displaying their presence status in effort to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Now, Busylight with kuandoHUB is even more equipped to accurately display your current state to your coworkers while notifying you of incoming emails or calls and giving you complete control over multiple platforms at once.

With kuandoHUB, kuando Busylight is made better and more efficient!