Mac and Windows support for RingCentral branded partners

Plenom have expanded Mac and Windows support for RingCentral branded partners. The additional Mac support allows companies to adopt kuando Busylights across all their users regardless of the O/S.

New Mac platform support includes Avaya Cloud Office, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Office, AT&T Office@Hand, BT Cloud Work, Telus, Unify Office and Verizon. Support for Verizon was also added for Windows.

Creating a presence-aware office helps colleagues to know each other’s availability. This guides people to make the best use of their time by avoiding unnecessarily walking over and interrupting a co-worker while on a call or in-a-meeting. By delivering ‘nudges’ (Audio and Visual), the Busylights help to keep fluidity optimal in the office, enhancing visual guidance and adherence to real time status, prompting smart decisions.

kuando Busylights provides both Presence display and Call Alerts. The ‘Presence’ functionality allows users to sync their UC presence and reflect that status through the 360-degree viewable LED light display. The embedded ringer alerts users of incoming calls to help eliminate missed calls. Busylight strengthens UC collaboration and communication systems by effectively presenting a user’s availability in real-time and keeping users up to date on incoming information.

The presence states supported include Available, Busy, In a Call, Incoming Call or Messages, Do Not Disturb, and Away. This non-verbal communication helps prevents passersby or approaching colleagues from interrupting calls while also minimizing office noise and foot traffic. This aligns with the CDC guidelines for Visual Cues. Return to work - Keeping safe social distancing

Create the ideal workspace anywhere, with kuando Busylight and RingCentral.

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