Kuando Busylight is now compatible with Pascom Business Phone System!

Pascom, a developer leading in business UC phone systems, has successfully integrated the Pascom Business Phone system with kuando Busylight. This integration gives both Pascom cloud and on-premise Business Communications platforms presence visibility in the office as well audio alerts for incoming events or calls. The intuitive presence display system syncs with Pascom’s platform and projects that status in real-time from the small but noticeable LED light. Equipped with a built-in speaker for audio signals, kuando Busylight helps prevents missed calls. This provides a complete overview for supervisors of employee’s productivity and availability while also acting as a signal for incoming calls.

Create the ideal office and call center environment with kuando Busylight now supported by Pascom Business Phone System.

For more information on Pascom Business Phone System, click here: https://www.pascom.net/en/blog/pascom-kuando-busylight-interoperability