Microsoft Teams - For Windows users:
New Busylight software update is out now!

Premium Software update for Windows - Release v. 1.5.4

Important new added Features

Our team made several improvements of the MS Teams software, but key changes are:

    • With Plenom’s innovative software, Microsoft Teams through kuando Busylight will now display “In a Call Presence”.
    • Previously, when using the kuando Busylight with MS Teams during a call, the presence displayed a general “Busy” presence. With the v. 1.5.4 update, presence is more accurate to help prevent distractions and reduce interruptions.
    • This update also features a new icon in the notifications. This will help the recognition of MS Teams software when using other operating systems connected to kuandoHUB.

For any office environment, talking on the phone with an important client or participating in a virtual meeting can be hindered from unwarranted interference, causing stress and frustration. This can affect the quality of your work and your dynamic with coworkers.

Now, kuando Busylight is equipped to accurately display your current state to your coworkers, without having to hassle or stress.

With kuando Busylight, Microsoft Teams is made better and more efficient!

Nice - Download the software now!