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With PlantronicsHUB, Plenom has added yet another platform to our list of compatible UC Platforms. PlantronicsHUB is an extension of Plantronics software. Plantronics is one of the leading audio device manufacturers in the industry, offering a variety of audio and video conferencing equipment. Allowing millions of users to conduct meetings and collaborate on projects both in the office and online. Now, with kuando Busylight compatibility, users will be able to display their status from their Plantronics audio device to the UC platform in use and to their Busylights.

That way, Plantronics is made even better with kuando Busylight!

PlantronicsHUB colors

Users will be able to display:

  • Available
  • In a Call
  • Call Alert
  • and Missed Call Notification.

This allows users to accurately and effectively show their status to the office, so meetings and collaboration ca be had with no distractions or interruptions.

See all functions here.

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A better Plantronics with Busylight

The Busylight is an efficiency tool, a timesaver, a quality-heightener and much more.
By adding PlantronicsHUB to your solution, office life will be easier. You can further combine it with kuandoHUB to get all possible features and colors as well as control notifications and events on multiple platforms. Then your presence is 100% synced to your platforms and events.