Which plugin am I missing to run 3CX Phone for Windows properly with the Busylight?

2021-11-12T13:46:18+01:00November 12th, 2021|

You need to edit the file named "3CXWin8Phone.user.config", adding the name of your DLL to the following entry Located at: C:\ProgramData\3CXPhone for Windows\PhoneApp\3CXWin8Phone.user.config This line needs to be present for our software to be loaded: <add key="CRMPlugin" value="CallTriggerCmdPlugin,DotNetScriptPlugin,BusylightPlugin" /> The 3CXPhone logs located at "%AppData%\3CXPhone for Windows\Logs" will tell you what addins are being loaded. Please

Can I use my Busylight with Google?

2021-07-07T10:05:16+01:00July 7th, 2021|

Yes, but only for your Google Calendar. Naturally we want to extend compatibility to Google Meet, but that is not possible for now since the API for Google Meet either isn't available or sufficient.

Will the kuando Busylight work with the softphone I use?

2021-05-06T08:52:20+01:00May 6th, 2021|

There is a broad selection of Premium Busylight software to choose from, find the one(s) you need by clicking here. You could be in a situation where our Premium Busylight software isn't what you're looking for, but chances are the software you need has been developed by a 3rd party. Check out all the Busylight compatible