There are a few ways to see if minor faults are easily fixed. These faults can occur if the Busylight has been running for a while or if many new variable are introduced into the Busylight environment. You could try some of these methods:

  • Reset the Busylight presence by right-clicking the appropriate Busylight icon and press 'Reset'.

  • Check to see if there's a new version of your software available from here.
  • A good old fashioned reboot of your PC could do wonders.
  • If you've recently started using another softphone with Busylight (1< total), you need to use the kuandoHUB to prioritize platforms. Get it here.
  • If you're migrating from Skype for Business and you've recently uninstalled the application, this is probably why. Skype for Business needs to be installed on your PC, as a major part of the Presence API for Office lies within S4B. It doesn't need to be running, but it has to be installed.
  • If there's no easily apparent solution to your issue within the FAQ, please contact Plenom Support here.