If you're having issues with the 'Register MS Teams as default IM provider' prompt persistently closing your kuando busylight software, and inhibiting you from using your busylight product as you desire, it might be because your Office is faulty. You should go ahead and use the Office Repair Tool and run a 'Reset'. Here's how to do so:

There are two ways to run a Repair. If you have the Microsoft Store version of Office, please follow this guide:

  • Right-click your Windows button and press 'Apps and Features'



  • In the next window, please scroll through your applications until you find 'Office'. Now press 'Advanced options', like so:



  • Then you're going to want to press 'Repair'.


If you're running the Click-Once-Installer variant, please follow this guide:


  • Here is the ClickOnce variant:

  • Click on Modify

  • Select the Online Repair.