Return to work – Keeping safe social distancing with RingCentral and kuando Busylight

The return to work is underway. The question is how are companies planning to do this safely? Many are forming committees within the organization consisting of Human Resources, Facilities along with upper management. They are tasked with the who, when and how to do this - and do it safely. In many cases they are looking to the CDC for guidance.

One of the guidelines being recommended is the use of visual cues and signage that encourage physical distancing. The goal being to reduce potential risks inside the workplace. Visual cues allow others to know when someone is in the office or cubicle allowing them to avoid close contact.

The Busylights combined with RingCentral offers a way to achieve visual cues in the office by syncing with someone’s presence state. These presence states change automatically in RingCentral so no user interaction is needed.

As an example, the Busylight will signal with its 360-degree viewable LED light that someone is on the phone or in a meeting with a pulsing red. This allows others to avoid approaching them at an inappropriate time, minimize unnecessary interruptions and foot traffic in the walkways.  However, if their presence is available then the Busylight shows a green light indicating they are free for a conversation.

Combined with the presence indicator, there is also a ringer for call alert that allows users to visually see and hear incoming calls which is especially important when headsets are sitting on the desk or someone stepped away to a nearby colleague or room.  This helps reduce missed calls and improves business continuity and customer satisfaction.