RingCentral - For Windows users:
New Busylight software update is out now!

Premium Software update for Windows - Release v. 1.2.1

Important new added Features

Our team made several improvements of the RingCentral software, but key changes are:

    • Call Center mode
    • Implemented registry policy mechanism
    • Hotkey toggles for presence and queue status
    • Syncronization when changing network by removing sleep/resume issues
Tested against Skype for Business Server 2015, 2019 and Skype for Business Online.
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Now with Call Center mode!

When you install the software, you automatically go to the normal RingCentral Busylight setup. But in the settings, you can change to Call Center mode, overruling the default presence color settings.
In Call Center Mode the Busylight will follow the agents' queue status (in the queue/out of the queue), so other agents and supervisors know everyone's true status and availability.
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