Kuando Busylight is now compatible with Totalview!

Kuando Busylight’s presence and call alert system supports Totalview to create the ideal office environment.

Totalview, who creates solutions to support the work environment, has successfully integrated the Totalview platform with kuando Busylight presence display and call alert system. This integration allows Totalview supported UC environments total presence visibility as well as audio notifications for incoming calls or events. The real-time presence display system syncs with the Totalview platform and signals your status to surrounding colleagues through the small but noticeable LED light.

The built-in speaker projects audio alerts for incoming or missed calls so missed calls, reducing missed calls and long response times. This provides a real-time overview of employee’s status for supervisors while also acting as a “Do Not Disturb” light and notification alert.

Create an innovative work environment with kuando Busylight now supported by Totalview platforms.

For more information on Totalview and the Totalview suite, visit: https://www.total-view.com/totalview-suite/