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Visual overview of your team's current status spot

3 in 1 solution*

Presence, Ringer & Notification

General specifications for kuando Busylight Omega:

  • 2 different designs, Alpha and Omega

  • 8 different ringtones and IM tone.

  • Built in speaker (with adjustable volume).
  • 360 degree visible angle.
  • USB connected with 3 mtr./9 foot cord (HID device)

  • Multi color LED light.

  • Compatible with MS Teams, Skype4B, Jabber, RingCentral, Avaya, Zoom, 3CX, Slack and many more

  • kuandoHUB allows multiple platforms to control the Busylight Omega.

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kuando Busylight Omega

Presence status

As a status light the kuando Busylight Omega will automatically changes its colors according to your status in Skype4B/Lync, signalling to colleagues if you are busy or in a call etc.

It is also a reliable ringer for softphones, making it easy to hear and see incoming calls. The Busylight also notifies you of missed calls and IMs.

The kuando Busylight integrates with Skype4Business, Lync, Cisco Jabber and more to provide a visual indicator of your presence status.

kuando Busylight Omega

Presence status

The kuando Busylight Omega functions as a status light, which automatically changes its colors according to your UC status in e.g. Skype4B/Lync, signalling to colleagues when you are

  • In a call
  • Busy
  • Do not disturb
  • Away

The kuando Busylight integrates with Skype4Business, Lync, Cisco Jabber and more to provide a visual indicator of your presence status.

Built-in ringtones/speaker

With Busylight you secure all employees with a 100% reliable default solution for call alert on incoming calls

  • No audio settings required.
  • Connects as an USB device – not an audio device.

  • 100% reliable – also when PCs have disabled soundcards/speakers.
  • No more support tickets to fix individual audio settings.
  • An immediate visible cue of your team’s current status.

Softphone notifications*

Missed calls and IMs alert

Avoid the risk of losing opportunities for your organization by creating an agile environment with kuando Busylight Omega. Then employees can react on missed calls or IMs quickly. The kuando Busylight lower the average answering time in your organization and speeds up communication.

  • Flashes blue every four seconds to remind you of missed calls and IM’s

  • Visible from a distance

  • Helps staff react much faster to unhandled tasks

  • With outlook calendar integration, the Busylight Alpha can even be a visual reminder of meetings etc.

*Functions may vary depending on your platform.

Blue Kuando busylight omega in office with sound and vibration

Works with

More than 40 compatible platforms

Read about all the Busylight compatibilites

Flexible adhesive mounting

Place it on monitors, cubicles, etc.

Green kuando Busylight Omega on top of a desktop
red kuando busyligt omega on the side of a labtop
kuando Busylight Omega in a modern green office

Customer reviews

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“Since some court appearances now happen by phone, we had a significant problem with attorney calls being disturbed or interrupted by people knocking on attorney office doors. It’s just not possible to ask a judge to wait while a door is answered. BusyLights with Skype for Business have allowed me to completely eliminate this problem.”

Lang & Klain, PC, Daniel T. Drake | Firm Administrator

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"15 percent of employees cite distraction by colleagues as a drain on productivity. Busylight is a solution for that".

Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Lync Team on Twitter

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“Like the McDonald’s jingle, “I’m lovin’ it!” I haven’t missed one call or IM yet since I’ve had Busylight.”

BP, Jeff McCormick, BP

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"A great device for someone who misses Lync calls and doesn’t like being interrupted when in a call."

Modality Systems Link

Modality Systems, Tom Arbuthnot

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"It was easy to get started with Busylight, and we saw an effect immediately."

Nykredit, Hans Gaarn Svendsen, Work Environment Director

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"The first commercially packaged product to provide physical presence light and ringer."

Read review here

Landis Computer, Matt Landis, (Microsoft MVP)

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”Efficiency is not about working harder - it is about working smarter. That is why I see Busylight as a powerful tool to getting more work done at the office."

PEP Worldwide, Michael Kongsted, CEO Scandinavia

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"Interruptions are a major issue in many open plan offices. Coworkers need to agree on guidelines that clarify when it is okay to interrupt each other. Busylight can support this process."

COWI, Gitte Arnbjerg, Head of Section

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“We have created a better work environment with Busylight. And we save valuable minutes every day.”

Esbjerg Kommune, Jørgen Bruun, Head of Public Services, Esbjerg Municipality

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“The way we have transitioned to Skype for Business would not have been possible without the Busylights – and we have saved money and space.”

Extrinsica Global Limited, Sam Smith | Cloud Solutions Engineer

Case stories

1000’s of companies in more than 50 countries are using kuando Busylight

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How to test a Busylight

Get tips&tricks in how you secure the busylight zone

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Plenom is a danish design and engineering company manufacturing kuando solutions to help employees working in open plan offices. We have invented the Busylight in 2003, sold globally since 2006, and we are manufacturing acoustic sound panels for noise reduction.
Our sister-company, Globe Systems A/S, is an award winning headset specialist and reseller in Northern Europe, established in 1999.