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How to test a Busylight


Cirkel one test a Busylight Succesfully

Request a free Busylight test

  • Run a 30 day free trial before purchase - For all companies. One Busylight per company. We recommend this promotion if you just need to be comfortable with the Busylight and see how it works before ordering in quantity.
  • For companies with 250+ employees. We offer a Proof of Concept (POC) with units according to your need. We recommend that you involve an entire office or team to be able to fully assess how kuando Busylight improves productivity, employee satisfaction and UC user adoption. You can find the tips&tricks to a large (POC) test in the section below: "How to implement a Busylight successfully"
Cirkel two test a Busylight Succesfully

Mounting the Busylight correctly

  • Make sure the Busylight is placed where it is most visible to colleagues – also from a distance. On the table is a no-go, while good practice could be on top of the monitor, a cubicle or on partitions.
Cirkel three test a Busylight Succesfully

Posters - Remind your colleagues of the Busylight Zone!

  • Emphasize the importance of respecting the color guidelines. Download Busylight Zone Signs and put them up nearby the Busylight Zone.
Cirkel four test a Busylight Succesfully