There is no logging facility or any Java inside of the UC Busylight. Our Premium software also has no Java.

    We don't yet have an integration for the V18 Desktop Client, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work. If you're running a 3CX Server V18, you can still use this with the 3CXPhone for Windows V16. Find more information in the 3CX Compatibility Chart.

    3CX Compatibility Chart

    There are some common reasons why your Busylight with Cisco Jabber is faulty.

    • It's very important that you reboot your computer after installing the Busylight software for Cisco Jabber, so that the Busylight plug-in get loaded on start-up.
    • Make sure to close all other Busylight software than the Cisco Jabber software.
    • If you're running another App that uses the IM-interface for Windows, like Teams, you're going to have to change the Registry Entry for 'DefaultIMApp'. (Should be Teams as default)
    • Make sure that you've enabled client interface from the Cisco Jabber server side. Click here for a guide on how to do so.

    It's probably because you've connected your Zoom to Outlook.

    Zoom is sending us the notification “In a meeting”.
    As long as Zoom is connected to Outlook, this will happen.
    Unfortunately, we do not get any details about a meeting from the Zoom API, therefore, we cannot do something on the Busylight side.

    Yes it is. You can download it here.

    OBS: It is not as far along as the Windows version is, utility-wise. 

    Download the kuandoHUB here to utilize the platform priorities feature.

    If you're having issues with the 'Register MS Teams as default IM provider' prompt persistently closing your kuando busylight software, and inhibiting you from using your busylight product as you desire, it might be because your Office is faulty. You should go ahead and use the Office Repair Tool and run a 'Reset'. Here's how to do so:

    There are two ways to run a Repair. If you have the Microsoft Store version of Office, please follow this guide: