Combinations of MS Teams, Cisco Jabber, Webex along with any other softphone that make use of the UCOfficeIntegration, aren't viable currently.

    The Busylight lamp fades out, when there is a pause in the conversation and when the call is terminated. You can adjust how long the pause can last, before the lamp fades out. In position "0" the light goes out after 3,5 seconds. Every step (0-9) increases the interval by 2 seconds.


    kuando busyligt combi illustration fadeout

    No, sorry. kuandoBOX supports corded and wireless headsets with a base, but not Bluetooth.

    Yes. Cisco WebEx is now a supported Premium Busylight software for Windows. Find it here.

    They work like shortcuts for the Manual Color Changer. Ex 'CTRL-5' could configured to set the color of your Busylight to Red, making it easier to leave your computer in a hurry if you have pressing matters elsewhere.

    The Busylight box has a manual switch for a blue light. This is designed to be a Do Not Disturb indicator. If this switch is activated, it will override the red light for headset activity. Please turn off the blue light to see the automatic red light for headset conversation.

    Adjust sensitivity. 

    We've added a new feature for this in our software for Microsoft Teams (version 2.X.X and above). Enable it by doing the following:

    1. Go to your System Tray and right-click the kuando Busylight for MS Teams.
    2. Press Notifications.
    3. Press Alert for Call Queues.