If the meeting is scheduled in your Calendar Events from ex. 08:00-09:30, the Busylight will stay red for the entire duration of the Calendar Event, unless you manually change your status in Teams. If you leave your meeting early, the busylight will continue to display your presence as being in a meeting. This happens because Microsoft Teams mirrors your Outlook calendar and since the meeting isn't over yet (at least not for everyone), your busylight will continue to stay busy.

    Yes, but it's not as integrated as the Windows OS, but you can click here to see our softwares and their compatibility.

    If a user is experiencing issues with kuandoBOX please ensure the user:
    1. does not have both Lync 2010 AND Lync 2013 clients installed on the same PC.
    2. is not running an outdated version of Lync 2010/2013 (see list of updates for Lync 2010 and Lync 2013).

    Yes it is. You can download it here.

    OBS: It is not as far along as the Windows version is, utility-wise. 

    For multiple reasons:

    • If you're using more than one platform frequently and simultaneously, then you need the kuandoHUB to prioritize which platform(s) dictate the presence of your Busylight.
    • The kuandoHUB is a very handy tool in optimizing your workflow, with Hotkeys, kuandoTIMER, Outlook Options and much more.
    • In general, it makes your Busylight more customizable

    On software version 2.0+ we are using DebugView from Microsoft to log software issues. Please ensure that DebugView is running when you start the Busylight/ KuandoBOX application to log the start-up sequence as well.

    1. Download DebugView by clicking here
    2. Close Busylight software
    3. Start DebugView
    4. Start Busylight software
    5. Reproduce the issue you're experiencing
    6. Close Busylight again
    7. Save the log file

    There are a few ways to see if minor faults are easily fixed. These faults can occur if the Busylight has been running for a while or if many new variable are introduced into the Busylight environment. You could try some of these methods:

    • Reset the Busylight presence by right-clicking the appropriate Busylight icon and press 'Reset'.

    • Check to see if there's a new version of your software available from plenom.com here.
    • A good old fashioned reboot of your PC could do wonders.
    • If you've recently started using another softphone with Busylight (1< total), you need to use the kuandoHUB to prioritize platforms. Get it here.
    • If you're migrating from Skype for Business and you've recently uninstalled the application, this is probably why. Skype for Business needs to be installed on your PC, as a major part of the Presence API for Office lies within S4B. It doesn't need to be running, but it has to be installed.
    • If there's no easily apparent solution to your issue within the FAQ, please contact Plenom Support here.

    Easy to do, almost handsfree. Download it by clicking here.

    1. Check installation(see installation guide)
    2. The two selection switches on the side of the Busylight box have the factory setting "I". Move them both to "II" and check if the problem is solved.