kuando Busylight UC


kuando Busylight UC - Skype for Business - Windows - Changelog

Support for Suppressed-UI operation
Fixed issues with Do-Not-Disturb presence state

Correction for kuandoHUB operation

Internal releases for error correction

Added Support for kuandoHUB

Better support for 3rd party Skype plugins

Automatic Installation of 32 or 64 Bit version, depending on installed Skype for Business
Tested on Office 2019 / Skype for Business 2019
Added 32- or 64 Bit hint in About Window
Added Feature: No ring on incoming second call
Revised License text

Improved logging capabilities
Added Support for Fujitsu Keyboard KB950 Phone

Changed .NET Framework to Release 4.6 or newer
Removed Support for Lync 2010 client
Corrected Sound Change in Away issue: Non-stopping Busylight
Introduced Mute on Away feature
Default volume for Omega will now be 25%
Updated setup runtime
Path for installed path changed to c:\program files (X86)\Busylight
Updated Busylight.dll
Introduced three default brightnesses. Omega will use high, Alpha will use Normal, if not other set
On Calling out with hotkey, more illegal characters are removed
On Calling out with hotkey, DTMF characters can be send

Changed Registry Path for Busylight Settings

Stops ringing for rejected second calls
case insensitive quiet installation parameter /qb

Addded message box for Office repair installation
new preference logic for ringing & in a call status

Added policy support for readonly settings
policy changes change settings immediately
Fixed FonComfortInvisible function
Lync tools available also with Kuandobox alone
Removes (0) from international numbers and works with French number format
Prevents dialing empty numbers with fast dialout

Minor localization errors fixed
Support new version of Busylight hardware Omega/Alpha & KuandoBox
Rebranding Skype for Business
New feature: missed conversation alert
brighter default colors
Setup process updated for new models
Skype for business added in texts and strings
Menu initialization changed (with/without license and or Busylight)
Minor fixes
Skype for business added in texts and strings
Menu initialization changed (with/without license and or Busylight)
New feature: missed conversation alert
Brighter default colors
Support new version of Busylight models Omega and KuandoBox
Rebranding Skype for Business
Can hide Lync Tools window and allows read-only mode
Installer detects duplicate installations
Added better support for HKLM queries
Changed logic on USB notifications
Reduced memory consumption on status change
Minor bug fixes
Corrected some typos
Added more detailed error messages in DebugView
Added support for multiple endpoints (e.g. Polycom CX600)
Installer can now install applications without Administrator rights (but only for the current user).
Fast Dialout sends ctrl-c to active window by default (can be switched off in registry).
Added a synchonisation before dialing out or presenting an error message after hotkey press.
Added additional logics to handle some Lync statuses.
Added additional global Exception Handler with a program restart logic.
World map with cirkel
Kuando busylight Hexagon logo

Plenom is a danish design and engineering company manufacturing kuando solutions to help employees working in open plan offices. We have invented the Busylight in 2003, sold globally since 2006, and we are manufacturing acoustic sound panels for noise reduction.
Our sister-company, Globe Systems A/S, is an award winning headset specialist and reseller in Northern Europe, established in 1999.