kuandoBOX features

Connects to the Desk Phone & Computer and updates users’ “presence status” when talking on the desk phone.

  1. Fadeout time controller: Need to take notes after a call - without getting interrupted? Extend you busy-status to 20 sec. after endCall.
  2. Voice sensitivity: Intelligent setting to make KuandoBOX compliant with most Phones/headsets – adjust sensitivity to match almost any solution.
  3. Lync tools plugin: Second call rerouting + Hotkeys for Answer calls and fast Dial out
  4. User menu supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
  5. Easy to customize via Registry Keys (download documentation).


World map with cirkel
Kuando busylight Hexagon logo

Plenom is a danish design and engineering company manufacturing kuando solutions to help employees working in open plan offices. We have invented the Busylight in 2003, sold globally since 2006.
Our sister-company, Globe Systems A/S, is an award winning headset specialist and reseller in Northern Europe, established in 1999.