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Caseris has now made software available to integrate their CAESAR client with kuando Busylight.

You might be attracted to its light, however, the Busylight is more than a presence indicator: it is an efficiency tool, a money- and timesaver, a quality-heightener, a staff-retainer and customer-keeper. Thus, kuando Busylight is a natural addition to CAESAR client, giving it more value.

Caseris Busylight

Caseris support the Busylight in:

  • "CAESAR Client" - their Windows-based telephony/softphone client (no additional installation, support comes with their setup.exe - just plug&play)
  • "TIMIO." - their web-based solution (Chrome&Edge browser with chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features enabled)

Busylight Color guide - telephony mode only:


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