3rd party Software

Epiphan Video events can now be displayed through kuando Busylight.

Kuando Busylight is a presence display system that automatically syncs with and broadcasts Epiphan Video events. The simple LED light display syncs with Epiphan’s Pearl All-in-One Live Video Productions Systems and accurately displays recording status in real-time.

Adding kuando Busylight to Pearl All-in-One Live Video optimizes the recording and streaming experience!

Pearl Busylight features

  • Automatically begins blinking 5 minutes before the scheduled time to give heads up to the presenter that the event is about to start so that they can get prepared
  • Automatically turns solid red when Pearl is recording and/or streaming
  • Automatically turns off when the event is finished.
  • Notifies users of errors so that they can be fixed immediately

Busylight Color guide:


Recording/streaming is about to start

- Slow Red Blinking


Device is in error state

- Fast Red Blinking


Recording/streaming in progress

- Solid Red

Neutral busylight


- Grey

Software for Pearl All-in-One Live Video Production developed by Epiphan

Plenom is only responsible for the hardware. Please contact the software provider, if you have any questions about the software, possible license fee and support.

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