3rd party Software

Epiphan Video events can now be displayed through kuando Busylight.

Kuando Busylight is a presence display system that automatically syncs with and broadcasts Epiphan Video events. The simple LED light display syncs with Epiphan’s Pearl All-in-One Live Video Productions Systems and accurately displays recording status in real-time.

Adding kuando Busylight to Pearl All-in-One Live Video optimizes the recording and streaming experience!

Pearl Busylight features

  • Automatically begins blinking 5 minutes before the scheduled time to give heads up to the presenter that the event is about to start so that they can get prepared
  • Automatically turns solid red when Pearl is recording and/or streaming
  • Automatically turns off when the event is finished.
  • Notifies users of errors so that they can be fixed immediately

Busylight Color guide:


Recording/streaming is about to start

- Slow Red Blinking


Device is in error state

- Fast Red Blinking


Recording/streaming in progress

- Solid Red

Neutral busylight


- Grey