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Flowscape IoT

Flowscape is a SaaS product company delivering digital workplace solutions that increase employees’ efficiency and optimize space utilization in modern offices. The solution utilizes IoT sensors and indoor positioning to provide capabilities, such as room booking, desk management, equipment locating, colleague finding, failure reporting, crisis communication, and utilization analytics.

Flowscape have integrated the Busylight IoT into their solution as perfect and visual indicator of a room's availability. Typically used a cost effective solution instead of a room panel. The Busylight IoT glows green when a room/resource is available and red when it’s booked or in use. They also turn yellow ten minutes before a meeting takes place.

Additionally, the Busylight IoT can be installed on a desk which makes its availability status visible from a distance in the physical open office space

Flowscape also supports parking management, so if you have limited parking spaces, employees could book a parking space when they book a room or desk. Place the Busylight on the parking bays so that drivers can identify the available spaces.

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