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Deliberate GmbH has created “blinkyDings” to integrate Genesys Cloud (formerly known as PureCloud) with kuando Busylight.

At Deliberate they partner with you on your digital journey, so that you can effectively and efficiently service your customers’ needs – today and in the future. As a specialist provider of contact centre based in Germany for more than ten years, they cover the entire solution portfolio from consulting to implementation to complete operations. Their solutions provide you flexible, individual and tailor-made service concepts with personal support in a professional organization. They create Customer Experience – be part of it!

Genesys Cloud Busylight

Their “blinkyDings” is a special add-on for your Genesys Cloud application. No interaction will get lost. It signals the current Genesys Cloud status of the agent and informs about incoming interactions easily visible for the whole customer service team and of course for the agent itself. For pure Communicate users, for example, their personal or call status can be displayed.

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Genesys Cloud Busylight feature

  • blinkyDings is a client application that extends the notification capabilities of Genesys Cloud
  • Offers signaling for any AgentPresence-State, CallConversation-State and Routing-Status
  • “Require Assistance” feature (with HotKey) to notify and call for help (e.g. from team leader)
  • Offers Visual On-Screen non-intrusive Popup above all windows
  • Use of external USB Color LED light

Busylight Color guide:

Signaling style for each state can be configured to have individual color and blink behavior


Available / Idle

- Green


Busy / In a meeting

- Red


On queue

- Blue