3rd party Software

Busylight with ipnordic

Display your current work status with Busylight integrated with ipnordic Communicator PRO and Cloud Communicator.

With Busylight, you can avoid interruptions because people around you can see if you are busy on the phone – or engaged in other work in front of your computer.

Busylight is a smart gadget for modern office environments – and is particularly useful in areas like reception desks and open office environments. Busylights’ clear color signals also make it a great option for lower phone ring volumes, creating a better working environment for everyone.

Busylight Color guide:

The color of the Busylight indicates your current status and switches automatically to yellow and red, when you are in a call.


When you are available on the phone

When you are making or receiving a call


When you are busy (Do Not Disturb) or on a call


When you are on a break

You also have the option to manually change the status color to match your current work situation.