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kuandoHUB innovaphone Edition

kuandoHUB innovaphone Edition
The kuandoHUB® innovaphone Edition does not have its own user interface and only runs as a background process. It represents the link between kuando® and innovaphone myApps.
Since this is only a background process for synchronization, no settings can be made here. All settings can be made easily in the myApps interface using the innovaphone Connector for kuando® app.

More information about the innovaphone Connector for kuando® app can be found below.

Busylight colors for kuandoHUB innovaphone Edition

innovaphone Connector for kuando® - It shows your telephony status and presence

Many open-plan offices are fully occupied or you are not alone in the home office, disruptions and frequent interruptions are almost impossible to avoid. This often leads to an unfocused way of working or frustration at work.
With the innovaphone Connector for kuando® you can finally do your work undisturbed. With it, your current telephony status becomes visible across app boundaries and optionally shows colleagues in your area or in your family's home office whether you are currently available or busy using the kuando® Busylight.
The app enables status synchronization between myApps and other telephony or conference apps. The busy status is also displayed in myApps when calling with a 3rd party app (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, Webex).

Detailed information about innovaphone Connector for kuando® visit here

Download the software by, following the link to Innovaphone below

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