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kuandoHUB Mac OS kuando Busylight

Today's modern office needs innovative and adaptive technology, no matter the layout design or location. For many, having a reliable presence system is essential to produce high-quality work and maintain focus throughout the workday. Without that system, distractions and interruptions can lead to longer workdays and decrease the quality of work produced.

The solution? The new kuandoHUB

Plenom, the makers of kuando Busylight, developed kuandoHUB to be a multi-UC Platform software that gives you control on how or what your Busylight reacts to as well as control color presence and sound alerts. The software is developed for both macOS and Windows. See below which features each version support.

Busylight colors for kuandoHUB

Features for Windows

kuandoHUB features a variety of tools to support your workflow and adds value to your Busylight.