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Machinechat Busylight

Machinechat’s mission is to be the leading supplier of IoT data management solutions that dramatically accelerate and reduce the cost of developing and deploying IoT projects.

Machinechat has now made it possible to use the kuando Busylight IoT for LoRaWAN Networks with their JEDI Pro IoT software application. JEDI Pro is designed to become an integral part of your IoT solution. With a footprint of less than 35 megabytes and features that rival popular IoT cloud platforms, JEDI Pro runs entirely on your ARM-based embedded hardware or X86-based computers. You are in control of your data, solution, and costs.

Integration for the kuando Busylight Iot is made easy and straightforward and once the device has been added to Chirpstack, a Python3 script can be used to enqueue a downlink to the Busylight.

More on the integration via this link: Machinechat Busylight.

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