3rd party Software

Busylight with MuteDeck

MuteDeck is a powerful tool that eliminates the stress and mistakes associated with managing calls and meetings. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly toggle mute, video, record, share, and leave meetings with a single press of a button. By providing a consistent control experience across different call apps, MuteDeck saves time and reduces errors caused by switching between interfaces.

When combined with a physical Stream Deck, Loupedeck, AVerMedia Live, or Touch Portal, you can take meetings to a whole new level. Become that meeting superstar you know you are.

When integrated with the Plenom Busylights, MuteDeck takes communication efficiency to the next level. Busylights are status lights that automatically change color based on colleagues' availability and current status. By providing a visual cue without the need to interrupt or check phones, Busylights help users determine if someone is available, busy on a call, away, or prefers not to be disturbed.

With this integration, the meeting controls MuteDeck offers, are extended to your direct surroundings. Fostering better collaboration and reducing unnecessary interruptions during phone calls, especially when team members are using headsets. With MuteDeck and Plenom Busylights, users can streamline their meeting experience, resulting in improved productivity and smoother collaboration.

Busylight Color guide:


Not in a meeting


In a meeting

While these are the standard colors, they are customizable by the user. The way to do that isn't documented yet but will be soon.