Internet of Things (IoT)


ObjectSpectrum partners with companies across industries to build and deploy custom end-to-end solutions with Prism™, our award-winning software suite. Prism makes complex applications possible in a fraction of the time and without the limitations of other development approaches. When we were looking for a wireless visual indicator to use with a food safety system, we found the kuando Busylight. It's a versatile indicator for status and alerting in a variety of applications. And best of all, it's already integrated into Prism, so it's easily added to any solution where "at a glance" status needs to be effectively communicated to people in a physical space.

In the busy restaurant space, it can be used to quickly identify the status of freezers, food coolers, keg coolers, food warmers, and security doors to allow monitoring by managers and employees who are constantly moving around the restaurant. They’ll immediately know if a cooler goes into the danger zone or the back door is left open.

In a school setting, multiple people can simultaneously monitor all exterior doors for safety. From the physical door seen by teachers in the hallways to security officers in their offices, to secretaries at the front desk, multiple eyes can be on every door in the school at a glance ensuring that they remain closed and locked at all times.

The agricultural sector can monitor the levels in feed bins, milk and fertilizer tanks, and the status of livestock gates while walking across their property or sitting in their office doing paperwork. This allows anyone from a field hand to the owner to quickly address any issues before they become problems.

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