3rd party Software

Panopto’s Remote Recorder status can now be displayed through kuando Busylight.

Panopto is a video platform that enables businesses and universities to record, live stream, and securely host all their video content.  It is used by the world’s largest enterprises and universities to manage video workflows throughout the organization.

The Kuando Busylight works seamlessly with Panopto’s Remote Recorders to notify persons in the room about the recording status.  The light can be placed in the front or back of a large lecture hall, for example, to inform participants that a recording is taking place.  It is often used by speakers and technicians to understand immediately if the recording is operating as expected.

The Busylight also works with Panopto’s Windows desktop recorder, allowing any user to notify those around them that a recording is taking place.

Panopto Busylight

  • Automatically changes color to indicate recording status.
  • Automatically turns solid red when attention is needed.
  • Notifies others that there is a livestream/recording is process due to the LED light display.

Busylight Color guide:


Recording Active

- Green


Attention Needed

- Red


Recording Paused

- Yellow


Software for Remote Recorder Light Service is developed by Panopto

Plenom is only responsible for the hardware. Please contact the software prov