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Saab has now made software available to integrate it with kuando Busylight.

You might be attracted to its light, however, the Busylight is more than a presence indicator: it is an efficiency tool, a money- and timesaver, a quality-heightener, a staff-retainer and customer-keeper. Thus, kuando Busylight is a natural addition to Saab, giving it more value.

Saab Busylight

Saab Danmark A/S operates from its headquarters in Sønderborg and has approximately 85 employees. Saab develops & delivers integrated world-leading communication solutions, products and services for military defence and civil security markets. TactiCall Integrated Communications interconnects all communication technologies regardless of radioband, frequency and hardware, reduces effort, risk and increases operational speed and oversight. TactiCall Dispatcher Suite applies Saab’s proven integrated communication technology to optimise, modernise, and future proof the control room.

Software for Saab

Plenom is only responsible for the hardware. Please contact the software provider, if you have any questions about the software, possible license fee and support.

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