Nettsoft SmartCall CTI

3rd party software

Nettsoft SmartCall CTI has now made kuando Busylight integrated with all phones in Telenor, Telia and Phonero business phones in Norway.

You might be attracted to its light, however, the Busylight is more than a presence indicator: it is an efficiency tool, a money- and timesaver, a quality-heightener, a staff-retainer and customer-keeper. Thus, kuando Busylight is a natural addition to SmartCall CTI, giving it more value.

SmartCall CTI Busylight feature

Directly Integrates precense in Kuando Busylight from any mobile phones or IP-phones in the business network at Telenor, Phonero and Telia in Norway. SmartCall only requires status or user-API from operator.
In addition to precense control of Kuando Busy Light, SmartCall CTI will give you the possibility to integrate your phone with major CRM-systems like SuperOffice CRM & Service, Microsoft Dynamics, Lime CRM, Salesforce and others making it possible to automatically register incoming phone calls log or open contact card, open sales opportunity, cases and more, making customer service more efficient. SmartCall CTI also includes click to call functionality with your preferred phone from all applications and web sites, and integration with Opplysningen 1881 public directory showing who’s calling you.

Busylight Color guide:

Color schemes can be customized


Busy in phone


Incoming call


Free/Not busy


SmartCall preferences kuando Busylight includes enable or disable sound in kuando Busylight.


Incoming call with SuperOffice integration