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STARFACE has now made software available to integrate it with kuando Busylight.

You might be attracted to its light, however, the Busylight is more than a presence indicator: it is an efficiency tool, a money- and timesaver, a quality-heightener, a staff-retainer and customer-keeper. Thus, kuando Busylight is a natural addition to STARFACE, giving it more value.

STARFACE Busylight

STARFACE is an award-winning VoIP based telephony system that is “Made in Germany”.

It integrates completely into the IT and communications infrastructure of your business, is based on open standards and can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X environments.

Starface has implemented plug´n´play integration for their Starface UCC Client with the Kuando Busylight UC.

Ringing (STARFACE UCC Client for Windows only)

Configurable ringing sound
Adjustable volume

System requirements

Tested with Busylight Lync, Busylight UC, Busylight Omega
STARFACE UCC Client for Windows v6.0.2.12 or later
STARFACE UCC Client for Mac v6.2 or later
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MacOS 10.9 or later

Busylight Color guide:


Telephone ringing

- Pulsing yellow


In a call

- Red


Telephone DND

- Red (Windows only)


Queue pause

- Blue (Windows only)


ucc client screenphoning part 2