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Tanss has now made software available to integrate it with kuando Busylight.

You might be attracted to its light, however, the Busylight is more than a presence indicator: it is an efficiency tool, a money- and timesaver, a quality-heightener, a staff-retainer and customer-keeper. Thus, kuando Busylight is a natural addition to Tanss, giving it more value.

Tanss Busylight

TANSS® is a service management solution developed for use by IT businesses and support teams. TANSS® includes an interface to connect a Kuando Busylight UC, which displays your current system status.


  • Create your own custom settings by defining the static/blinking colors you want the Busylight to show.
  • Connect your telephone system to TANSS® and the Busylight will inform you of incoming/outgoing calls.
  • See your colleagues status without checking calendars or other Apps – just check the color of their Busylight!

System requirements

  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • TANSS® Software

Software for Tanss

Plenom is only responsible for the hardware. Please contact the software provider, if you have any questions about the software, possible license fee and support.

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